International Animation Exhibition

"purely" "freedom" "unique"
Pure art form Free expression Unlimited creativity

International Animation Exhibition(IAE) is an institution based on promoting Chinese animation tradition and promoting the integration of global animation culture.

The International Animation Art Exhibition is an annual event for the animation industry, bringing together domestic and foreign animation institutions, companies, universities, top producers and animation students with international high-quality standards; each year, a country and China are selected as the theme. Global representative animation works, and promote the cross-border integration of animation, film, art and design through animation awards, animation industry forums, animation film market, animation derivative development, international education exchange training and related animation industry development, etc. .

The purpose of the International Animation Art Exhibition is to promote the creative spirit of "purity, freedom and strong uniqueness. At the same time, the Organizing Committee of the International Animation Art Exhibition intends to use its professional international content and resource platform to explore the infinite possibilities of the integration of animation, film and art, and is committed to creating a complete industrial chain with international standards in China to provide animation films for the world Tomorrow's power will pave the way for the column.

The International Animation Art Exhibition has so far exhibited the world's stop motion animation master Nick. Parker, Canadian national treasure animation master ISHU PATEL            The animation works of Mr. Koichi Yamamura, Japanese animation master, and Mr. Cai Zhizhong, the master of Chinese comics, and selected the new generation of animation artists Sun Xun, Geng Xue, Cao Shu, Tang Baihua, Zhao Ye, The works of Chen Lianhua and others participated in the exhibition. These films are extremely well-produced, and most of the themes are adapted from Chinese classics and things with national symbolic significance. They can deeply explore the meaning of the world, people and history from the perspective of world animation history and the development of human civilization. Thousands of important awards including Oscar Awards, Berlin Film Festival, Angsi International Animation Film Festival, Hiroshima International Animation Film Festival, etc.