“Road To HBL”《通往HBL之路》 Final Frontier终极先锋/ 2018 / 中国
制片/导演/摄影/剪辑:Final Frontier 终极先锋
“Road To HBL”, the interactive, choose-your-own adventure, we created with R/GA Shanghai for Nike’s High School Basketball League, set a benchmark for high-end 2D animation in China. 《通往HBL之路》,主意是互动性,选择你自己的冒险,我们和上海的R/GA合作,为耐克的高中篮球联赛创作,为中国高端2D动画提供基准。 Shortlisted in Digital Craft at Cannes Lions and selected among the Top 10 APAC Ads of 2018 by Campaign magazine, HBL demonstrated the potential to create game changing work through animation. 本作品列入戛纳国际创意节数字类奖项名单,并且被(英国著名)Campaign广告杂志选为2018亚太地区十佳广告,HBL通过动画诠释了因努力而改变比赛的可能。 "It was essential to keep the art super cool, but direct and functional, so it could be executed fast but still retain the quality. All the elements of the illustrations are there to make the experience more immersive and guide the viewer through the story. No fans would be shown, just some shadows to suggest their presence, allowing us to focus on the action. "让艺术超级酷是极其重要的,但是也要注意它的导引性和功能性,所以它可以迅速执行但是要保住质量。所有插画的元素都是用来把这次体验实现的更有沉浸感,这样才可以带引观众一起贯通其中的故事。这里我们不表现球迷,而会用一些阴影取而代之,如此可以突出故事主题。
Final Frontier终极先锋

Final Frontier终极先锋专注于广告方面的动画、角色设计、视觉效果、定格动画和混合媒体技术。我们的团队由久负盛名的国际工作室和 知名导演们组成,能够为任何影视化项目提供完整的解决方案。我们的服务不止于传统的荧幕,同时也应用于VR/AR实验与交互开发短片,我们还有一间音响工作室,提供动画及游戏的音效。无论在哪个领域,我们都致力于追求卓越的技艺,顶尖的创意,传递最大化的价值。

Final Frontier is a production company specialized in animation, character design, visual effects, stop motion and mixed media for advertising. Our diverse roster of award-winning international studios and directors is equipped to offer complete solutions for any motion project. Our services also extend beyond the traditional screen, with experimental and interactive development for virtual and augmented reality briefs, and an in-house creative audio studio providing music and sound for animation and video games. Across all areas, we deliver exceptional craftsmanship, cutting-edge creativity, and the highest possible production values.

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