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Year With Uber 是Final Frontier终极先锋在亚洲的第一个重要项目就是与R/GA新加坡合作的“Year With Uber”,这部广告片利用Uber用户的旅行数据来创作了一支具有不同位置特色的个性化动画MV,素材取源于5000个故事并将其与音乐合成。 来自于90年代的超任(即超级任天堂游戏机),如《街霸II》和《快打旋风》,这两个肯定是灵感来源无疑。其他方面的灵感来源还包括日本动画,特别是那些接近欧美系风格的动画。 为保证高质量,尤其是在处理像这个项目一样复杂的情况上,需要依靠高瞻远瞩和在创意方向上的努力,以及经验丰富,才华横溢的艺术家和动画师团队的支持。在动画项目上,动画制作团队和艺术总监们的紧密联系十分关键,这保证了作品的一致性。最后,同样关键的一点是,制作人经验老到,富有职业精神以及有条不紊,尤其是在一个需要递交如此多的内容,以及还要管理一个庞大团队的情况下,殊为难得。 Year With Uber is Final Frontier's first major project in Asia in partnership with R/GA Singapore, which uses the travel data of Uber users to create a location-specific campaign and personalized animation MV, the material is taken from 5000 stories and synthesized with music. From the 90's Super Nintendo (i.e. Super Nintendo game console), such as Street Fighter II and Kombat Whirlwind, these two are certainly inspirations. Other sources of inspiration include Japanese animation, especially those that are close to European and American styles. Ensuring high quality, especially when dealing with a project as complex as this one, requires visionary and creative direction efforts, as well as the support of an experienced and talented team of artists and animators. On animation projects, close ties between the animation production team and the art directors are key to ensure consistency. Last but not least, the producers are experienced, professional and methodical, especially in a situation where there is so much to deliver and a large team to manage.
Final Frontier终极先锋

Final Frontier终极先锋专注于广告方面的动画、角色设计、视觉效果、定格动画和混合媒体技术。我们的团队由久负盛名的国际工作室和 知名导演们组成,能够为任何影视化项目提供完整的解决方案。我们的服务不止于传统的荧幕,同时也应用于VR/AR实验与交互开发短片,我们还有一间音响工作室,提供动画及游戏的音效。无论在哪个领域,我们都致力于追求卓越的技艺,顶尖的创意,传递最大化的价值。

Final Frontier is a production company specialized in animation, character design, visual effects, stop motion and mixed media for advertising. Our diverse roster of award-winning international studios and directors is equipped to offer complete solutions for any motion project. Our services also extend beyond the traditional screen, with experimental and interactive development for virtual and augmented reality briefs, and an in-house creative audio studio providing music and sound for animation and video games. Across all areas, we deliver exceptional craftsmanship, cutting-edge creativity, and the highest possible production values.

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