DBS星展银行创意动画广告 Final Frontier 终极先锋/ 2019 / 中国
制片/导演/摄影/剪辑:Final Frontier终极先锋
这套为亚洲最大的银行星展银行(DBS)制作的动画Logo短篇,是FinalFrontier终极先锋集结了五名优秀的导演分别创作出五支不同风格的动画,以推广其面向学生的新备忘单(Cheat Sheet)服务。 该活动由新加坡创意公司The Secret Little Agency构想,灵感来自对经典MTV 动画广告短篇。该活动以一种不同寻常的有趣和前卫的创意方式,通过不同艺术家独特的风格和创造力,为大家展示出上世纪八九十年代的感觉。 为了实现所需的多元化,FF终极先锋征集了一支由来自欧洲、北美和南美各地的导演组成的梦之队。它涵盖了多种叙事类型,每个故事都以不同的视觉美学来讲述,整部作品以半开玩笑的口吻贯穿始终。 秘鲁艺术家Jaime Alvarez’创作了一部3D科幻冒险片,而洛杉矶的Ariel Costa 则采用了他标志性的2D剪影风格。布宜诺斯艾利斯的Gabriel Fermanelli的抢劫主题卡通、巴塞罗那团队 Niceshit的迷乱美食和巴西的Daniel Semanas都是2D单元动画的黑色风格作品。 Final Frontier produced a diverse set of animated idents by five different directors for DBS, Asia’s largest bank, to promote the launch of its new CheatSheet service for students. Conceived by Singapore’s The Secret Little Agency, the campaign was inspired by nostalgia for classic MTV idents. In an unusually playful and edgy creative approach for a bank, the campaign harnesses the unique styles and creativity of individual artists, much like the music channel did back in the 1980s and ‘90s. To execute the required diversity, Final Frontier called upon a dream team of directors from its roster, from locations across Europe, North and South America. Covering multiple storytelling genres, each story is told in a different visual aesthetic, with the set united by a tongue-in-cheek tone running throughout. Peru artist Jaime Alvarez’ created a 3D sci-fi adventure, while Los Angeles-based Ariel Costa brought a variation on his signature 2D cutout style. Buenos Aires’ Gabriel Fermanelli’s cartoon heist, Barcelona crew Niceshit’s food frenzy and Brazilian Daniel Semanas’ noir piece are all rendered in 2D cell animation.
Final Frontier 终极先锋

Final Frontier终极先锋专注于广告方面的动画、角色设计、视觉效果、定格动画和混合媒体技术。我们的团队由久负盛名的国际工作室和 知名导演们组成,能够为任何影视化项目提供完整的解决方案。我们的服务不止于传统的荧幕,同时也应用于VR/AR实验与交互开发短片,我们还有一间音响工作室,提供动画及游戏的音效。无论在哪个领域,我们都致力于追求卓越的技艺,顶尖的创意,传递最大化的价值。

Final Frontier is a production company specialized in animation, character design, visual effects, stop motion and mixed media for advertising. Our diverse roster of award-winning international studios and directors is equipped to offer complete solutions for any motion project. Our services also extend beyond the traditional screen, with experimental and interactive development for virtual and augmented reality briefs, and an in-house creative audio studio providing music and sound for animation and video games. Across all areas, we deliver exceptional craftsmanship, cutting-edge creativity, and the highest possible production values.